In 30-60 mins: scratches and rubs, dent removal without
paint, leather, upholstery and plastics – on the spot.  

פוליש ווקס תלת שלבי
פוליש ווקס תלת שלבי
חידוש מראה הרכב ומיגון מפני פגעי מזג האוויר.
ציפוי ננו הידרופובי
ציפויים לרכב בטכנולוגיית ננו הידרופובי
תיקון במסגרת ההשתתפות העצמית
חלופת תיקון עד גובה ההשתתפות העצמית ללא הפעלת הביטוח
הכנת רכב לקיץ
הגן על הרכב מנזקי הקיץ על ידי טיפול פוליש ווקס
ציפוי ננו קרמי לרכב
הציפוי שישמור על הרכב שלכם כל השנה לאורך זמן
Alloy wheel refurbishment
High curbs or pot-holes on the road cause problems for many drivers. It’s not a surprise.
  60 Minutes
פחחות רכב
פחחות רכב מקצועי ומהיר, שימוש בטכנולוגיות מתקדמות לקיצור משך התיקון
  החל מ-90 דקות
Car leather repair all over ISRAEL
Do you like leather seats, but you’re scared of their short lifespan or wear rate? So relax.
  starting from 60 mins
Body repair without paint damage
Sometimes the damage to your car’s body is minor and does not require whole car repainting.
  30 Minutes
Classic cars and motorcycles renovation all over ISRAEL
Collecting of old automobilesand motorcycles is a widespread hobby in our country.
Body polishing
Carwash often is not enough for your car to be in perfect condition.
  90 Minutes
Car plastic repair
Car plastic repair generally aren’t very easy.
  45 Minutes
Polishing of headlights and glass
Headlight polishing is a routine part of car maintenance.
  30 Minutes
Bumper repairs
Plastic bumper repair is inseparable part of every car repair, which got into minor or major accident.
  90 Minutes
Pre-sell car preparation
If you are going to sell your old car and buy a new one, better wait a bit.
Local paint repair
It is very well known, your car can be damaged even in the parking lot.
  60 Minutes
Paintwork scratches repair
Car scratches are a nightmare of every motorist, because it’s not easy to find someone who can do the car scratch repair properly.
  60 Minutes
Odors removal
Pleasant car interior is not just intact plastics, newly-looking upholstery or overall pleasant appearance.
  90 Minutes+
Interior chemical cleaning
Cleaning of interior sometimes is a real nightmare. During normal use a car can get dirty in many ways.
  60 Minutes+
Car hand wash all over ISRAEL
When the car is not properly washed,it does not matter how expensive or nice it was.
  60 Minutes

All in 30-60 mins

Perfect Finishing

Professional staff

Advanced technologies

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